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Why use a pocket ashtray?

Smartstreets products enable smokers to dispose of cigarette ends cleanly and safely on the move when no suitable street bins are to hand.

No mess, no fuss, just cleaner streets.

Cigarette butts are the most littered item worldwide every year with over 4.5 trillion finding their way into gutters and oceans annually (Source:

These cellulose acetate filters take decades to degrade and pose a serious hazard for wildlife, sea creatures and birds who mistake this material for food and ingest it.

Cigarette ends leach toxins into water tables and wind blown, smouldering cigarette ends often start fires which can devastate natural habitats and lead to loss of life.

Using a Minibin pocket ashtray is the simplest way to dispose of a lit cigarette end on the move. It's a personal contribution towards protecting the environment and wildlife that has a dramatic cumulative effect.

With over half a million Smartstreets-Minibins sold, our customers are disposing of tens of millions of cigarette ends safely and sustainably each year.

Smartstreets welcome contact from individuals, organisations and potential sponsors interested to support Smartstreets' ambition to enable a cigarette litter-free world.

Andrew Farish and Chris Garcin