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About Us

Smartstreets founders Andrew Farish and Chris Garcin are an award winning product design and development team with over 60 years combined experience developing and patenting innovative new products and services for the airline, retail, automobile, hospitality and construction sectors.  

The Smartstreets range of products began with a brief from Hammersmith Council to help them reduce cigarette and gum litter on their streets.  The result was the Smartstreets-Smartbin, the only cigarette bin on the market that is specifically designed to mount back to back onto lamp posts, sign posts, walls and railings to transform networks of existing columns into micro litter collection points.

Providing safe, robust cigarette bins at regular intervals across the street scene means smokers can find a bin instantly when they need it. Smartstreets-Smartbins have proven it is possible to decrease cigarette litter in high footfall areas without cluttering the urban environment with new posts or objects on the street.

Smartstreets product range has expanded to offer personal cigarette disposal pocket ashtrays, gum board style disposal options for chewed gum and transformational bike parking which turns sign posts into secure bike parking.

Smartstreets have won over 30 international product design, sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurial and environmental awards and now export to 15 countries.

Our aim is to create products that will have a positive impact on the environment by leveraging people's willingness to do the right thing when offered the means to do so.